Are you 16 or 17 years old?

It’s tough being your age… there’s school or college to contend with, then even more decisions to make about going to university or starting in the big scary world of work. Everyone has an opinion – your parents, careers adviser and friends – but what do YOU want to do?

Unfortunately, we can’t make this decision for you. There are loads of places out there where you can seek advice, so we won’t complicate things by giving you any more! So, we will stick to what we know – and that’s about recruiting the right people into our pubs and providing real careers opportunities, if that’s what you want.Wetherspoon Apprenticeships

So, which path do you want to take – read below for more information:

I just want a temporary job, while I’m at school/college (or university):

So, you are choosing to study, but you still need some spending money – right? That’s why we offer flexible contracts and working hours to suit your studies. If you are 16/17, you can work in our kitchens or front-of-house, serving our customers. You may even be required to serve coffees. There are limitations about what you can do (unfortunately, it’s the law), but, if you wish to continue working for us beyond your 18th birthday, then you can take on more responsibility and work greater hours.

Loads of people started working for us this way – some are now running pubs for us, so you can make it what you want. Alternatively, we offer temporary contracts, over holiday periods, as these are really busy times for us. If you want to work just over Christmas or during the Easter holidays, then we can also help you out.

Click here to see what current vacancies are available in your area.


I’m thinking of working in pubs as a career – what’s in it for me?

Unfortunately, some people have a negative view about working in pubs, yet that’s because they might not understand that pubs have changed massively over the last few years. Some of our pubs take a staggering amount of money, and we achieve this only through having dedicated teams of people, at all levels, making it happen.

But, let’s try to prove to you why choosing J D Wetherspoon could be a real careers choice for you; then, you can make up your own mind! There is a lot of information on this careers site for you to look through. Have a look around and see what you think – it’s all true!

In short, we can offer you a genuine careers path, from bar/kitchen staff right up to pub management and beyond. Our award-winning training helps you along the way. While completing our training, you also have the opportunity of gaining a nationally recognised qualification. We currently run qualifications in hospitality, both apprenticeships and NVQs at level 2, as well as a diploma and degree at pub-management level.

Anyway, that’s enough from us: check out the ‘meet our people’ section (to see what our employees say about us) or click here to search for vacancies in your local area.

Please be aware that if you are 16 years of age, you must have finished compulsory education before applying to us.

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